MEWR Volume 19


Permanent Monitoring Systems

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In the past reservoir development and management have been guided by data gathered during short logging and testing periods before the start of production. Additional information was gathered, if considered necessary, months or years later, using well intervention methods that threatened loss of production and presented logistical problems.

Turning Measurements on Their Side

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Reservoir engineers need accurate holdup and flow rate measurements from horizontal and highly deviated wells. Chris Lenn and Brad Roscoe show how technology has revolutionized holdup and flow rate assessments.

Saturation Solutions

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Mario Petricola and Chanh Cao Minh reveal the latest thinking in saturation measurement and show how careful tool combination can reveal more about reservoir fluids.

New Power in Production Logging

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Successful production strategies require detailed information about the fluid types and flow rates encountered in reservoir zones. Cosan Ayan, Arash Boustani, and Keith Boyle explain how the new technology works and what difference it can make to reservoir predictions.

Keeping Water in its Place

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Excessive water production is a serious issue in many oil fields. Alan Saxon describes recent advances in candidate recognition and water treatment methods, and shows how these can be used to reduce water cut without damaging oil and gas production.

Pores Explored

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NMR techniques can help to characterize the distribution of microporosity in reservoir rocks. Bob Dennis explains how detailed knowledge of porosity distribution helps the reservoir engineer to plug and reperforate efficiently and to select optimal positions for production wells.

Water in the Oil Field

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Fikri Kuchuk reviews the most important aspects of water management and explains how new technology is changing reservoir development.