MEWR Volume 20


Caught in the Web

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The Internet and the World Wide Web have caused dramatic changes in business communications. The new technology is encouraging companies to rethink their internal and external communication strategies. Eric Standen reveals the potential behind the new communication systems and explains how the Internet can offer more to the oil industry.

The Carbonate Challenge

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The new generation of NMR tools has been made possible by the development of pulsed magnetic resonance techniques and the availability of powerful permanent magnets developed for medical imaging applications. Chanh Cao Minh, Mario Petricola, and Bob Dennis explain the principles behind NMR technology and provide examples of the CMR tool's applications.

Back to the Future

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Mohamed Watfa reviews the major technical changes that have influenced the industry over the past decade and explains how increased reliance on technology has squeezed the guesswork out of oilfield development.