MEWR Volume 21


Time for Change

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Timelapse, or 4D, seismic pilot projects and small-scale surveys are proving that surface seismic can help to identify bypassed oil or evaluate enhanced recovery methods such as waterflooding.

Unlocking Production Potential

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Over the past few years many operators have considered production enhancement as a way to improve reservoir performance and profitability. Production enhancement now rivals exploration and development drilling as a means to increase economic value.

Predicting the Path Ahead

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Despite increasing familiarity with the techniques, there remain many potential pitfalls for anyone drilling horizontal wells or lateral drainholes. The array of tools and techniques that can be used to guide a drill bit towards its target indicates the complexity of modern geosteering operations. Formation modeling is an extremely powerful tool for accurate directional drilling.

Coiled for Oil

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Technological developments, improved service reliability, and increasing tubing diameters have made coiled tubing a preferred technique for many oilfield applications. Coiled tubing has a wide range of potential applications, but it is in drilling that this technology offers the greatest scope for efficient field management.