MEWR Volume 22


Oilfield Water: A Vital Resource

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Reservoir engineers can use water to perform useful tasks such as maintaining reservoir pressure, but when water appears in the wrong place it creates major problems.

Water Watching

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The first attempts at permanent downhole monitoring were in the 1970s. The concept fell out of favour in the 1980s when the industry looked for cost savings in acquisition and data management. Recent developments in equipment, data gathering, and interpretation have built on the work of the pioneers to position well monitoring at the heart of reservoir management.

The Challenge of Water Control

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The first step toward successful water control is an accurate diagnosis of the water source and fluid pathways. Effective water control calls for an integrated approach to monitoring, problem diagnosis, and treatments.

Environmental Effects

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In many Middle East fields, water production is rising. This, coupled with stringent new environmental regulations across the region, has encouraged operating companies and their service partners to find imaginative solutions to the problems of wastewater handling.