Algeria Well Evaluation Conference

This book documents the third WEC conference of Sonatrach and Schlumberger. The work of some 120 engineers from both companies, it is a qualitative tool for the national and international hydrocarbon industry and for the academic community. The collaboration covers the exploration and development of Sonatrach fields, and the descriptions of technologies and their applications track their evolution and deployment in reservoir characterization, development, production, and HSE.

Petroleum Geology of Algeria

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An update of the petroleum geology includes numerous new discoveries since the WEC conference of 1995.

Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of Algeria

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Almost all 200 of Algeria's fields are in the Sahara region and are subdivided among different basins. Five oil fields and three gas fields illustrate the different types of reservoirs in terms of formation age, petrophysical properties, produced hydrocarbon, and drainage mechanism.

Reservoir Definition and Evaluation

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This chapter takes an in-depth look at the technologies and interpretation techniques used to define and evaluate Algeria's reservoirs. Seismic and borehole imaging, logging, well testing, characterization, and modeling are included.

Reservoir Development

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Two main themes are prominent: rock geomechanics and horizontal wells, the most significant technical development of the past decade in Algeria. A discussion of horizontal wells emphasizes the need to fully characterize reservoir complexity before development. The authors provide a primer on geomechanics, laboratory rock geomechanical measurements, and MEMs. Case studies describe key applications for geosteering, LWD, cementing, underbalanced perforating, formation stability during production, sanding, and hydraulic fracturing.

Production Optimization

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The process of optimization considers the technologies and competencies needed to improve reservoir management. In two sections, this chapter first discusses cased hole evaluation, production monitoring technologies, evaluation of well integrity, and monitoring of an EOR program. Through case studies, the second section highlights the integration of complex technologies and the efficiencies gained through project management.

Health Safety and Environment

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A detailed description of Schlumberger's QHSE management system and its worldwide database is supported with case studies.

Way Forward—Partnering to Meet the Challenges

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Sonatrach and Schlumberger plan for the future and collaborate on the solutions to its challenges.