Algeria Well Evaluation Conference

Schlumberger and SONATRACH collaborated to produce this synthesis of the second Algerian Well Evaluation Conference, held in 1995. Prepared with the help of Algerian experts in geology and petroleum operations, it is primarily a reference for Algeria's sedimentary basins. (398 pages)

Geology Of Algeria

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Presentation, interpretation, and comments on specific basins and reservoirs. Morphology, structural aspects of northern Algeria and the Saharan platform, hydrocarbon provinces, and geological history of sedimentary basins.

Formation Evaluation - Introduction to Selected Topics

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Geological and petrophysical evaluation linked to geometry of sediments in discontinuous environments and assessment of primary and secondary characteristics in continuous environments. Evaluation challenges and technologies.

Reservoir Evaluation

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Comprehensive overview of discoveries, fields, and reserves. Technologies, tools, and techniques for reservoir management.

Hydrocarbon Potential

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History of discoveries since 1948, hydrocarbon distribution across oil provinces, and stratigraphic distribution of known accumulations. Classification of regions and production objectives.