Indonesia Reservoir Optimization Conference

This Reservoir Optimization Conference marked Schlumberger's 70th year of continuous activity in Indonesia. With contributions from Pertamina, Unocal, Shell, KUFPEC, Gulf, and Woodside, this book documents the history of Indonesia's industry, discusses its future, and gives a geological overview of its petroleum geology. (235 pages)

A Brief History Of Indonesia's Oil And Gas Industry

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From the beginning.

Future Exploitation

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Overview of technologies used for exploration in deep water; drilling, construction, and evaluation of wells; and reservoir characterization.

Improved Recovery and Production

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Gas reservoir solutions. Seismic survey in Attaka field. Modeling in Tunu and Peciko fields offshore Kalimantan. Development in Sopa field. Completion techniques in unconsolidated sands. Reentry drainholes in aging fields. Characterization of Ramba field. World's largest steamflood project. Production data management.

A Geological Overview of Indonesia

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Petroleum geology.