Libya Reservoir Optimization Conference

Staged in Tripoli, the Libya Reservoir Optimization Conference and Exhibition marked the 50th year of Schlumberger operations in Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The conference was unique in that it gave industry professionals and E&P companies an opportunity to discuss how new technologies could best be introduced and used to meet the National Oil Corporation (NOC) production goals. (227 pages)

A Brief History of Libya’s Oil and Gas Industries

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Interesting account of industry activity from early 1900s, merged with country's legal and political background and highlighted by first-person accounts of service company personnel.

The Petroleum Geology of Libya

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Tectonic development and earth structures; basins and major fields; and offshore regions (clear, colorful maps and graphics). Details on recent discoveries and developments and exploration potential by region. A discussion of technologies and techniques for increasing oil recovery in carbonate formations.

Increase Recovery

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Horizontal wells. Custom stimulations. Optimized perforating. Water-control gel. LWD imaging for optimal well placement. LWD in underbalanced conditions. Formation evaluation in cased holes.

Reservoir Characterization

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Formation imaging in OBM. Sand management in Sarir field. Wireline imaging of fractures. Spectroscopic logs in Sirt basin. Walkaway VSP for well placement. LWD seismic data for locating reservoir ahead of the bit. Fast formation pressures and permeabilities. Seismic acquisition advances. Groundwater modeling in Al Kufrah basin and Al Jaghbub area.

Operational Efficiency

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Fit-for-purpose cementing equipment. Vertical and directional drilling. LWD resistivity measurements. Data communication in real time via satellite. Fill removal for cleaner wells. Through-tubing zonal isolation. Environment and safety management.