Saudi Arabia Reservoir Optimization Conference

R&D was the focus of the Saudi Arabia conference, which brought together scientists and engineers from Saudi Aramco and Schlumberger at the opening of the Schlumberger Dhahran Research Center. The book explores the R&D process, challenges in subsurface characterization and drilling and production, enablers for the intelligent field, and the need for collaboration for future R&D. (103 pages)

Research in the Oil and Gas Industries

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Review of medieval science and the part early Islamic scientists played in the foundation of science as we know it today. Current trends in R&D and the roles played by oil and gas companies, service companies, and national oil companies.

The Research and Development Process

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Description of the entire life cycle, from concept to sustainment, including rewards and challenges of collaborative projects.

Subsurface Characterization

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Review of challenges. Management of reservoirs by monitoring fluid movement and reservoir saturation.

Drilling and Production

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Review of challenges. Using advanced well-placement techniques to boost productivity and recovery. Cementing for shallow gas control in the Shaybah field. Meeting gas-production goals in the Ghawar field while controlling sand production. Collaborating on artificial lift systems instrumental in doubling oil production in the Abu Sa'fah field. Stimulating carbonates with viscoelastic surfactants.

I-Field Enablers and Work Flows

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Review of challenges. Value of real-time communication in well construction. Importance of collaboration, recruitment, and education in the future of R&D.