Venezuela Reservoir Optimization Conference

Held in Caracas, this conference was the first organized for Venezuela since 1980. With a theme of "Optimizing Well Production and Reservoir Understanding from Well Data," its goal was to show how technology had solved some of this country's exploration and development problems. Examples from Venezuela focus on integration of services, both in application and organization. (362 pages)

Petroleum Geology of Venezuela

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Discussion of geology, petroleum basins, and history of oil exploration in Venezuela.

Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of Venezuela

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A broad basin-to-basin overview and discussion of 12 reservoirs: Tia Juana (onshore and offshore), Lagunillas, Ceuta, Mara Oeste, Silvestre, Oveja, Santa Rosa, Carito, El Furrial, Pedernales, and Cerro Negro. Includes geographical and geological information, petrophysical and thermodynamic properties and drive mechanisms.

Well Planning

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Risk analysis. Selection of fluids. Wellbore stability. Geosteering.

Data Quality and Acquisition Efficiency

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Logging while drilling and Platform Express logging services. Pressure gauge performance. Planning of wireline jobs.

Evaluation of New Wells

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NMR principles and petrophysics. Tar detection and permeability evaluation in North Monagas. Identification of gas and tar layers. Reservoir fluid sampling. Evaluation in the Orinoco Belt. Carbonates. Prediction of water cut. Identification of producible zones in wells drilled with oil-based mud. Continuous wireline fluorescence logging.

Evaluation and Monitoring of Existing Wells

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Saturation, porosity, and lithology evaluations through casing. Permeability and pressure. Production logging. Hydraulic integrity. Permanent monitor systems and how they can extend the life of a reservoir.

Production Enhancement

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Methodology and practices for enhancing production. Identifying bypassed zones. Controlling water production and fines migration. Maximizing fracture conductivity and optimizing fracturing treatments. Customizing perforating programs.

Reservoir Description Around the Well

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Sedimentary analysis of sandstone reservoirs. Evaluation of fractured carbonates. Multioffset seismic profiles from old wells. Multiazimuthal walkaway VSPs. Reservoir descriptions around a horizontal well.