Find data that helps compute results quickly

i-Handbook, an electronic version of the Field Data Handbook, displays data that helps compute results fast. This eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone practice of first assimilating data and obtaining results using a separate calculator.

The i-Handbook was designed with three objectives

  • retain the book format of the Field Data Handbook
  • present data without additional training
  • focus on the needs of a varied audience, from on-site personnel to design and planning engineers in offices. 

An advanced resource

An interactive wellbore diagram lets you build a graphical view of the wellbore with drag-and-drop data from the tubular tables. You can define various flow paths in the well. The volumes of defined sections are calculated automatically and displayed on the diagram. 

Quick and accurate

Tubing and casing data tables can be expanded so you can see additional physical properties. You can send data entered in any calculator or a particular wellbore to your team. Correct information is exchanged fast. 

Interactive design saves time

A thorough understanding of the treatment and the effects of recommended wellbore actions is communicated through visual, sometimes animated, schematics. You can prepare diagrams illustrating the various combinations of pipe strings. This lets you create realistic, multiple design options in one session. 

More data

New information is included in sections on pipe, tubing, casing, tanks, volume, fracturing, cement, and acid/oil/brines. 

Minimum system requirements:

  • PC Windows®
  • 200-MHz Pentium® processor-based computer
  • Microsoft® Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 10-MB free disk space
  • i-Handbook is not compatible with Microsoft® Windows 95, 98 or NT®

Frequently Asked Questions

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