WellSync Application

Freeware for synchronizing file content

The WellSync client-side application enables the synchronization of file content securely across the Internet between a client machine and web server for the InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service. Synchronization involves client–server time synchronization, content comparison, and content transfer invocation. The WellSync application provides an automated means for the distribution of data and content synchronization.

The WellSync application automates the synchronization of data between a folder (Directory) on a remote PC with a folder on a server for InterACT service. The folder in InterACT service can represent a Field, Well, Section, or Sub-Section. Synchronization and transmission of real-time or legacy data (Files) to and from the server are enabled via PCAD, a Schlumberger technology for secure web communication and reliable data transfer across the Internet.

The application can be installed and run on PCs with Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

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