WellEye Three-Dimensional Borehole Data Viewer

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Visualize and analyze high-resolution images

The WellEye 3D borehole data viewer is used to visualize and analyze high-resolution images from wireline and LWD imaging tools. This highly interactive, graphics-oriented, PC-based application provides 2D and 3D visualization of borehole images with several patented features that differentiate the WellEye viewer from other visualization software. The interactive 3D display of the borehole along the well trajectory enables visualizing the spatial position of various log features. The innovative 3D navigation system, coupled with dynamic linking of both 2D and 3D views, makes the WellEye viewer a powerful, easy-to-use tool. Standard 2D log displays of the image data also are available.

Static and dynamic capabilities

The viewer has static and dynamic functionality. In static mode, you can visualize data contained in a digital data file or data stream. You can modify the graphical presentations and customize the displays to improve your understanding of the data.

The dynamic viewer gives you enhanced functionality for borehole images previously processed at a Schlumberger Petrotechnical Engineering Center. These features include interactive dip picking and classification plus manual image scaling to support fine-tuning specific interpretations.

Measurements supported

The WellEye viewer supports images from the FMI fullbore formation microimager and OBMI oil-base microimager in addition to all Schlumberger LWD images and images from the legacy Formation MicroScanner tool. Limited 2D display support is also provided for non-Schlumberger data.

PC-based software application

The WellEye viewer requires a minimum of 256 MB of RAM, a 600-MHz processor, and an 8-MB video card to handle most images. Images from the FMI microimager require 1.0 GB of RAM, a 1.6-GB processor, and a 64-MB video card.

Main and branch versions

The WellEye viewer software has two versions: main version (v.2.3.148) and branch version (v.2.3.148-LG24). It is recommended to use the main version instead of branch version to include some bug fixes, unless image from the OBMI2 integrated dual oil-base microimager requires support.

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