Information for Potential Schlumberger Suppliers

An organization with a global presence, Schlumberger Supply Chain Services pursues supplier business relationships based on cooperation, trust, reliability, and communication. We procure products and services through manufacturers and suppliers that demonstrate high standards for quality, exceptional levels of service, competitive pricing, solid delivery performance, effective after-sales support, and efficient supply chain management.

Suppliers represent an integral part of the Schlumberger supply chain by

  • adding value through product quality and support, competitive pricing, and focus on lean supply chain models
  • using and enabling technologies that allow effective access to information
  • seeking new opportunities for local manufacturing
  • building a robust IT infrastructure with e-business transaction capability.

All supplier transactions and business relationships must comply with Schlumberger standards and policies.

Video: Schlumberger Compliance Questionnaire Instructions

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Schlumberger complies strictly with all applicable trade laws and regulations in every jurisdiction where we conduct business. We hold our suppliers to the same high standards.

All suppliers are screened and cross-referenced against the US Government Denied Parties List. Suppliers from all participating countries of the Wassenaar Arrangement must provide the relevant Export Control Classification Number for any dual-use item provided.

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Schlumberger Supply Chain Services 
Schlumberger is the world's leading supplier of technology, project management, and information solutions to the O&G industry. From our own suppliers we expect integrity, great service, agility, perseverance, and continuous improvement.

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