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Important Message from Schlumberger: Ariba Sourcing Deployment for Engineering and Manufacturing Centers Sourcing Activities

To Schlumberger Suppliers:

After a successful deployment in the greater part of our organization, we will now adopt Ariba Sourcing at our Engineering and Manufacturing Centers (also known as E&M Centers).

Ariba Sourcing is a web-based sourcing management tool provided by Ariba SAP. This change is aimed to enhance the way we work together by exchanging information related to quotations and commercial proposals in a compliant and transparent manner. Your information will be kept confidential.

As part of this transition, you will be required to respond to sourcing requests through the Ariba Sourcing platform whenever invited to a Sourcing Event. These requests could be RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Proposal), or RFQ (Request for Quote). Please note that you will not be charged fees for the Ariba Sourcing account for responding to our events.

We will be transitioning in phases, starting with North America Centers, then Europe and Asia Centers. By the end of 2017, the entire E&M Organization will adopt Ariba Sourcing as the standard method to conduct sourcing activities. For North America, Ariba Sourcing will go live on September 25, 2017. We plan to gradually transition all sourcing activities to the Ariba Sourcing platform by mid-October 2017. We will send updates regarding Europe and Asia closer to the go-live dates.

Please review the Ariba Sourcing Guidelines for Suppliers handbook for information on how to register and use Ariba Sourcing. If you are already registered and are using Ariba Sourcing for Schlumberger, there are no changes in the process. All you need to do is to answer to sourcing events that will also come from the E&M Centers.

Thank you in advance for taking part in the adoption of this new system and supporting the future direction of Schlumberger Sourcing. Together, we can work to enhance collaboration through a more structured and efficient Sourcing process.

For general questions, please refer to the reference materials on the Ariba Sourcing Hub Page or contact your Supplier Manager.

Schlumberger Supply Team

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