Delivery Documentation & Packing Lists

A packing list must be attached to the outside of each container, itemizing its contents and referencing the purchase order number. An additional packing list must be provided inside the package. If more than one container is required to fill a purchase order, each packing list must identify the contents of the container to which it is attached.

Each item must be itemized in accordance with the packing list and purchase order:

  • part description
  • part number
  • serial number (if applicable)
  • quantity
  • country of origin (place of manufacture)
  • harmonized tariff code (HS)
  • certificate of analysis (if applicable).

For kits, the packing list should include a complete breakdown of parts being delivered, specifying part descriptions, part numbers, serial numbers, quantities, prices, countries of origin, and the correct Harmonized System (HS) codes.

Any relevant material safety data sheets, transport emergency cards, or other documentation required by law must be included. Failure to meet this requirement may cause Schlumberger to refuse delivery, with the supplier responsible for any additional costs.

Schlumberger requires original vendor invoice or customs invoice at the time of import. We do not accept carrier-generated invoices.

All suppliers are expected to adhere to international or regional agreements as appropriate. All vendors are responsible for providing appropriate documentation such as manufacturing origin certifications for duty relief.