Purchase Orders

All purchase transactions require support documentation such as:

  • a purchase order (subject to Schlumberger Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders) or
  • a stand-alone contract (such as a master purchase agreement).

Generally, purchases from Center-Led or Centralized suppliers (suppliers with the capacity to serve Schlumberger on a global basis, whose spend with Schlumberger ranges from average to high, and whose services are essential to Schlumberger operations) are made under stand-alone contracts.

Purchases from Local and Coordinated suppliers may be made with a purchase order that is subject to Schlumberger Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders. However, local and coordinated purchases with large or frequent spend or other special commercial or legal considerations are also made under stand-alone contracts.

All Schlumberger purchases of products or services are subject to Schlumberger Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders. Supplier’s acceptance of a purchase order indicates acceptance of the price, currency, and shipping date as stated on the purchase order. Schlumberger uses two procurement software platforms to create purchase orders.

  • Schlumberger Web-based Procurement System (SWPS) is used to generate purchase orders for field locations.
  • MFGPro system is used to generate purchase orders for Engineer, Manufacturing and Sustaining (EMS) centers.

Both systems capture internal procurement requirements and generate a unique purchase order number that is linked to a single Schlumberger field location or manufacturing center. The purchase order number is transmitted electronically to suppliers as a PDF attachment. This process facilitates timely delivery of goods and invoice payment.

For specific non-PO transactions—used only for services—Schlumberger may decide not to require a purchase order generated from the system; however these non-PO transactions will also be subject to the same Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders.

All non-PO transactions must be supported by a non-PO template.

Schlumberger pays invoices only by electronic transfer (direct deposit). A standard electronic funds transfer form is available from the local Schlumberger department.

Schlumberger payment terms are net 70 days from date of invoice receipt, subject to the satisfactory fulfillment of the invoice requirements. Remittance details can be sent both electronically and by mail for each payment made.

If Schlumberger disputes an invoice, the supplier will be notified within 30 days and the nature of the dispute will be stated. Payment of a disputed invoice will be withheld until the dispute has been resolved.

If you are a Supplier or a Potential Supplier for field locations (Invoice based on SWPS order), please refer to the Supplier Information Kit.

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