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May 2019Single Run with PowerDrive X6 RSS and PeriScope HD Service Places Lateral in Thin Kazakhstan Reservoir Directional, MWD & LWDRussia and Central Asia
Apr 2019Over 170 Hydraulic Line Wet-Mate Connectors Installed Intelligent Completions 
Apr 2019More Than 1,700 Flow Control Valves Deployed in 26 Countries Worldwide Intelligent Completions 
Feb 2019Saltel Expandable Steel Patches Seal Casing Leaks in Two Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) Wells SchlumbergerUnited States
Jan 2019PowerDrive Orbit Sets Multiple Extended-Reach Drilling Records for Eclipse Resources Directional, MWD & LWDUnited States
Dec 2018XPC Connections Overcome Fatigue While Performance Drilling, Delaware Basin Drill BitsUnited States
Dec 2018Flat Rheology Fluid System Improves Operational Efficiency in Green Canyon Wells Drilling Fluids & SystemsUnited States
Nov 2018Accuracy-Verified Water Salinity Measurement and First Water Detection in Multiphase Flow Well Testing 
Oct 2018Open Techlog Platform Enables Rashpetco to Apply Customized Equation and Standardize Workflow Software ServicesNorth Africa
Jul 2018PowerDrive Orbit RSS Drills Record-Setting 9,630-ft Lateral in One Run Directional, MWD & LWDUnited States
Jul 2018PowerDrive Orbit RSS Drills Record 4,769-ft Lateral in 24 Hours  Directional, MWD & LWDUnited States
Jun 2018SCREEN PULSE Separator and DURAFLO Screens Help Texas Operator Reduce Fluid Discharge by 75% Solids Control Systems & Products,
Cuttings Management,
Drilling Fluids & Systems
United States
Jun 2018Operator Uses SCREEN PULSE Separator to Save More Than USD 200,000 in Mud Loss and Cuttings Disposal Costs Solids Control Systems & ProductsUnited States
Jun 2018Two 150-Mile Segments of 12-in Pipeline Chemically Cleaned in a Single Run Using ConcentraClean Technology Production Chemicals & TreatmentUnited States
Jun 2018VERSA-OUT System with PEN-8 Package Enables Removal of VERSAPRO System Filtercake in Less than 24 Hours Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsGulf of Mexico
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