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Feb 2018PowerDrive Orbit RSS and TeleScope Service Breaks World Record for Longest Lateral in a Single Bit Run Directional, MWD & LWDUnited States
Feb 2018Completions Milestone: More Than 100 Expandable External Casing Packers Installed in Australia PackersAustralia and Indonesia
Jan 2018Xplorer Helix Configuration Increases ROP by 70%, 37.5%, and 51.8% in Three Fields, Middle East Drill BitsMiddle East
Jan 2018Saltel Expandable Steel Patches Overlapped to Repair Damaged Screen in Offshore Well PackersRussia and Central Asia
Jan 2018Lift IQ Service Eliminates 130 Trips to Remote Wells for Groupement Sonatrach AGIP, Algeria  Artificial LiftNorth Africa
Jan 2018StingBlock Cutter Blocks Significantly Reduce Lateral Vibration with Less Weight on Reamer Drill Bits,
Drilling Tools & Services
Continental Europe
Jan 2018Offshore Operator Runs WELL SCAVENGER Tool for the First Time Alongside Coiled Tubing Services Coiled Tubing,
Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools
Middle East
Dec 201775% Increase in Gas Injection Depth Optimizes Oil Production in Extended-Reach Wells, North Sea Artificial LiftNorth Sea
Nov 2017REDA Maximus ESP System for Severe Service Extends Run Life by 550% in Corrosive Wells, Western Canada Artificial LiftCanada
Nov 2017Operator Accesses Previously Unreachable Targets and Improves Average Field ROP by 20% Coiled TubingMiddle East
Nov 2017Operator Uses PowerDrive Orbit RSS to Drill Record Lateral in North America Directional, MWD & LWDUnited States
Oct 2017CT Direct System Increases Average ROP by 200% in Deep Tight-Gas Reservoirs Coiled TubingMiddle East
Oct 2017@balance Control MPD System Saves USD 1.5 Million on Permian Basin Well MPD & UBDUnited States
Oct 2017Kuwait Oil Company Drills Through Challenging Shale Sections in Record 11 Days  Drilling Fluids & SystemsMiddle East
Oct 2017Direct XCD Bit Helps Reduce Drill Time by 17.6% Below Plan and 53% Below Nearby Offset Drill BitsSouth America
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