Tech Report: ZEiTECS Shuttle System Decreases ESP Replacement Time by 87%

Customer ESP riglessly retrieved in less than 2 days on coiled tubing

ZEiTECS Shuttle Rigless ESP Replacement System Decreases ESP Replacement Time by 87%

Publication Date: 09/17/2015

After experiencing multiple ESP failures, a customer needed to reduce well downtime when replacing the ESP. In Ecuador, it is typical for rigs and hoists to take 7 to 10 days to respond to an ESP failure and then an additional 4 days to replace an ESP on jointed tubing. For this well, the inability to quickly source a rig or rapidly retrieve ESPs would result in deferred production of up to 9,000 bbl for each heavy workover required.

In response to this challenge, the 550 series ZEiTECS Shuttle rigless ESP replacement system was installed in the well with a standard 450/400 series ESP. The ESP ran for 72 days when it experienced an unexpected failure. After the initial response, the ZEiTECS Shuttle system was used to riglessly replace the ESP on coiled tubing in 1 day, 21 hours, and 15 minutes.

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A New Method of ESP Intervention

ZEiTECS Shuttle rigless ESP deployment system
Retrieve and redeploy your ESP using wireline, sucker rods, or CT—without a rig— saving both time and money through the ZEiTECS Shuttle rigless ESP deployment system.
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