Tech Report: Operator Significantly Increases Efficiency While Reducing Pumping Time by 50%

ACTive services enable high-rate pumping during matrix stimulation interventions

ACTive services enabled high-rate pumping during matrix stimulation interventions.

Publication Date: 03/31/2015

An operator needed to laterally identify, assess, and stimulate three dual-lateral power water injector wells for matrix stimulation treatment in openhole carbonate reservoirs located in Khurais and Central Arabia fields without affecting real-time downhole pressure and temperature readings.

ACTive services enabled CT stimulation to be executed at a maximum pump rate of 4.5 bbl/min in dual lateral wells compared with 2.0 bbl/min during previous operations using real-time downhole parameters. Average pump rates of 4.0–4.5 bbl/min were achieved during the treatments while pumping up to 2,500 bbl of stimulation fluids per lateral, including VDA acid, 20% HCl, and mutual solvent—all while keeping downhole readings intact.

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