Tech Report: Over 500 TRC Series Subsurface Safety Valves Deployed in GOM in Last 20 Years—With No Mechanical Failures

Approximately 44% of these 500 safety valves are set in deep or ultradeep water

Over 500 TRC-II tubing-retrievable charged safety valves deployed in GOM, many in deep or ultradeep water.

Publication Date: 04/09/2014

TRC series tubing-retrievable charged safety valves meet stringent technical, quality, and operational requirements. Suitable for wells in sweet to severely corrosive environments and for deep- and ultradeepwater applications with low hydraulic operating pressures, their ratings, features, and long, successful track record make these valves the most reliable on the market.

  • The valves are insensitive to production tubing pressure, eliminating the need for high-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Hydraulic control redundancy increases reliability, reducing the need for workovers.
  • The bubble-tight flapper exceeds the industry’s highest leak-rate standards, ensuring wellbore integrity in the event of emergency.

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Protect Wells in Deepset and Low-Operating-Pressure Applications

TRC-II Safety Valve
The TRC-II series safety valves perform effectively at depths where other technologies are ineffec tive. These valves can be run at depths greater then 12,000 ft, and provide complete operating redundancy.
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