Tech Report: More Than 11,000 WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring System Gauges Deployed in 50 Countries Worldwide

Schlumberger deploys enough permanent downhole cable to circle entire globe

More than 11,000 WellWatcher permanent monitoring system gauges deployed in 50 countries worldwide

Publication Date: 08/23/2017

Schlumberger has been developing downhole permanent gauge technologies since 1960—ensuring the best possible quality control and industry-leading reliability. Advancements in connector design, tougher electronic housing, and iterative product development have resulted in continuous improvements in the survivability of Schlumberger gauges—a rate now higher than 95%.

Schlumberger is the industry-recognized permanent monitoring leader, having deployed more than 11,000 permanent downhole pressure and temperature gauges in 50 countries over the past 42 years.

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WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems provide long-term well and reservoir monitoring without the cost of well interventions, helping you identify trends throughout the useful life of your well or field.
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