Tech Report: Piranha Mill with Mud Motor Mills 9 5/8-in Casing from 363.11 m to 819 m Offshore Brunei

Using a string stabilizer above the drillpipe increases the amount of swarf to surface in deep water

Mill Casing

Publication Date: 08/13/2014

A total of 455.89 m of casing was milled at an average milling ROP of 2–3 m/h at the casing body and 0.5–1.0 m/h through the casing collars. A 17 1/4‑in string stabilizer was used above the Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe to stir and prevent the metal swarf from bird nesting at the wellhead area due to a change in cross-sectional area. The amount of metal swarf that came to surface increased proportionally to the flow rate.

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