Tech Report: Two 150-Mile Segments of 12-in Pipeline Chemically Cleaned in a Single Run Using ConcentraClean Technology

Pipeline cleaning technology enables inspection by successfully removing caked sludge from pipeline

Two 150-Mile Segments of Pipeline Chemically Cleaned in a Single Run Using ConcentraClean Technology

Publication Date: 06/07/2018

An operator needed a comprehensive cleaning service for its refined fuels pipeline located in the western United States. Fouling was interfering with the required inspection pigging of two 150-mile segments of 12-in pipeline. The inspection pigs that had been run in the pipeline were damaged because of hard, caked sludge that could not be removed mechanically during repeated pigging operations.

After a rigorous testing protocol was implemented, it was determined that the contaminant was a complex polymerization that did not dissolve in many of the industry’s typically used pipeline cleaning solvents and surfactants. Schlumberger determined that the best way to clean the pipeline segments and enable a successful inspection was a solution of 10% ConcentraClean pipeline cleaning technology in water, applied as part of a single-pass cleaning pig train.

The unified service that Schlumberger provided the operator enabled a successful pipeline inspection using high-resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection pigs and multichannel caliper pigs. It also enabled a chemical cleaning in a single run, while reducing expenditure and inherent risk associated with repeated mechanical pigging. Cleaning the pipeline in a single run saved significant time, and reduced risk and cost over conventional multiple chemical runs to achieve similar results. The operator successfully completed its pipeline inspection inside of the regulatory requirement window.

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