Tech Report: Chevron Enhances Production Potential with Thorough Displacement in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Trio of M-I SWACO tools filters fluid, removes perforation debris, and validates cleaning performance in the St. Malo field

Heavy Duty Well Patroller Tech Report

Publication Date: 02/18/2016

To avoid damage to completion equipment and screens and to prevent production-threatening formation damage, Chevron needed to ensure that all debris had been removed from its deepwater well. In addition to challenging depths, the operator faced demanding volumes, temperatures, and pressures while transitioning from drilling to completion.

During the first cleanup trip to TD, two HEAVY-DUTY WELL PATROLLER tools were run in hole to filter fluid. After perforating, Chevron ran the RIDGEBACK BURR MILL tool and WELL SCAVENGER tool for deburring and extracting the resulting debris. The HEAVY-DUTY WELL PATROLLER tool was tripped during the jetting and wear-bushing-retrieval run to recover any additional debris. The tool was pulled out of the hole with 0.20 lbm [91 g]  of brass, confirming that no dislodged debris remained in the casing.

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