Tech Report: HydraGlyde System Improves ROP 60%, Drills 1.5× Faster in Permian Basin Lateral Wells

High-performance water-base drilling fluid system outperforms oil-base mud

HydraGlyde Pioneer Wolfcamp Shale Tech Report

Publication Date: 03/23/2016

An operator used an oil-base mud (OBM) in previous wells drilled in the Midland basin’s Wolfcamp Shale, but the resulting hauloff requirements increased overall well cost. The operator sought a solution to match or exceed the ROP achieved using the OBM without increasing hauloff or cuttings disposal costs.

Using the HydraGlyde system, the operator drilled the production interval in 4.38 days, 1.5× faster than the average time spent drilling offset wells with OBM. The average ROP of the lateral sections (excluding the build section) drilled with the HydraGlyde system was 138.8 ft/h, a 60% increase compared with the average of seven offset wells drilled with OBM.

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Industry's Most Uniquely Engineered Drilling Fluid

The HydraGlyde system is a cost-effective solution for land shale wells in environmentally sensitive areas.
The novel HydraGlyde high-performance water-base drilling fluid system boosts ROP by delivering exceptional lubricity for reduced torque, drag, shale welling, and dispersion in high-angle build and long-lateral sections.
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