Tech Report: ISOTHERM NT Fluid Protects Production Well from Permafrost Thaw and Prevents Destabilization, Alaska

Advanced nonaqueous-base insulating packer fluid controlled heat transfer from produced fluid to reduce permafrost thaw rates

ISOTHERM NT Alaska Tech Report

Publication Date: 06/15/2016

An operator wanted to reduce the rate of permafrost thaw and avoid integrity issues in a production well. The ISOTHERM NT advanced nonaqueous-base insulating packer fluid was recommended because of its low thermal conductivity and stability over long periods of time. To account for the maximum expected temperature, the fluid was designed with a polymer concentration that provided a yield stress that was more than sufficient to stop heat transfer through convection. The fluid was formulated using a low-thermal-conductivity base oil and the POLAR-VIS insulating packer fluid viscosifier.

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