Tech Report: BHA with MUDGARD Filter Drills Extended-Reach Well to TD in a Single Run

MUDGARD workstring filter mitigates NPT, removes 0.965 lbm debris in Argentina

Publication Date: 02/01/2017

An operator was drilling a slimhole, extended-reach well in Argentina when debris in the circulating system began interfering with critical bottomhole assembly (BHA) components. The debris, which was caused by poor fluid handling and pit management, had the potential to cause tool failures and plug the drill bit. To avoid unnecessary trips and nonproductive time (NPT), the operator needed to filter out the debris before it led to more problems.

As a protective measure, M-I SWACO recommended positioning the MUDGARD workstring filter immediately above the drilling BHA. Circulation testing ensured no distortion or degradation of the MWD signal while pumping through the tool. The MUDGARD filter, which was approximately 10% full, removed 0.965 lbm of debris, allowing the operator to drill the well to TD in one run.

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