Tech Report: SCREEN PULSE Separator and MONGOOSE PRO Shaker Reduce Mud on Cuttings by 38%, Onshore Argentina

Operator deploys integrated fluid loss control package to decrease retention of oil-base mud and decrease disposal volumes

; SCREEN PULSE; waste management; Neuquen; enhanced fluid recovery; cuttings; SCREEN PULSE separator; MONGOOSE PRO shaker; MEGADRIL oil-base temperature-stable invert emulsion drilling fluid system DURAFLO composite replacement screen

Publication Date: 02/03/2017

A major operator in Argentina needed a method for optimizing solids control equipment efficiency to minimize fluid losses at surface. M-I SWACO recommended the SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator and MONGOOSE PRO dynamic dual-motion shale shaker. In a field trial, the SCREEN PULSE separator was installed in the three existing primary shakers for testing in the intermediate and production sections of the well. The objective was to determine if the operator could improve fluid recovery rates and decrease waste final disposal volumes while controlling cost.

The SCREEN PULSE separator reduced the average mud on cuttings 38% in the 8 3/4-in and 6 1/8-in sections. When used with DURAFLO screens, the separator enabled a 20% reduction in overall waste volume and a 62% decrease in mud loss.

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