Tech Report: SureTrol Additive Controls HPHT Fluid Loss at Lower Concentrations, Saving USD 56,056

Requiring only minor treatments during drilling, additive decreases costs compared with conventional fluid loss control agent offshore Malaysia

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Publication Date: 07/07/2016

An operator drilling offshore Malaysia experienced HPHT fluid loss in the 17 1/2-in section and sought to mitigate such an event in the
12 1/4-in and 8 1/2-in sections.

The SureTrol additive controlled HPHT fluid loss at lower concentrations and required only minor treatments of 0.29 kg/m3 [0.1 lbm/bbl] during drilling. Compared with costs of using a conventional fluid loss control agent, the SureTrol additive saved the operator USD 56,056.

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