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Welcome to our technical paper archive, which offers a wealth of experience and insight into 50+ years of petroleum solutions. Many of these papers have been authored by Schlumberger. They are provided free of charge to our Premium Content subscribers. Please review the Technical Paper Download Terms & Conditions prior to accessing the papers.

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Nov 2017New Positive Displacement Motor Technology Significantly Improves the Drilling Performance through Challenging and Abrasive Strata in Northern Kuwait  Fishing & Sidetracking,
Drilling Tools & Services
Nov 2017Invisible Lost Time Reduction and Drilling Risk Management Optimization in United Arab Emirates Onshore Field  Drilling Engineering & Modeling SPE
Nov 2017First Successful Logging Jobs Worldwide with a High-Resolution Logging-While-Drilling Imaging Tool for 8.5-in. Boreholes Carbonates Directional, MWD & LWDSPE
Nov 2017Saving Rig Time by the Use of New Generation Ultrasonic Transducers to Evaluate Cement in Outer Casing through Section Milled Window of the Inner Casing  Wireline Cased HoleSPE
Nov 2017Robust Design of Rotary Steerable System RSS and Revised Drilling Procedure Deliver Superior Performance in a UAE Onshore Field  Directional, MWD & LWDSPE
Nov 2017First Implementation of Diversion Stimulation Service with Multimodal Particles in Caspian Offshore Oilfield Carbonates StimulationSPE
Nov 2017First Intelligent Multilateral TAML5 Wells on Filanovskogo Field  Multilateral SystemsSPE
Oct 2017Coiled Tubing Boosts Efficiency of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Technique in Novoportovskoe Field  StimulationSPE
Oct 2017Precise Fracturing: Increasing Number of Stages and Reducing Treatments Size in Oil Rims of Novoportovskoe Oil Field  StimulationSPE
Oct 2017Field Test Results in Malaysia Wells of a New-Generation Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool  Wireline Cased HoleSPE
Oct 2017Improved Determination of Hydrocarbon Saturation in an Unconsolidated Heavy Oil Sand Undergoing Cyclic Steam Stimulation with an Advanced Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Technology: A Case Study from Kuwait Heavy Oil,
Enhanced Oil Recovery
 Wireline Cased HoleSPE
Oct 2017Case Studies of Optimizing the Artificial Lift Strategy for Reactivating Abandoned Wells in a Mature Field  Artificial LiftSPE
Oct 2017Securing Long-Term Well Productivity of Horizontal Wells Through Optimization of Postfracturing Operations  Well TestingSPE
Sep 2017A New, Slickline Accessible Artificial Lift Technology to Optimize the Production Strategy in the Permian Basin Unconventional Resources Artificial LiftSPE
Jul 2017Refracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale: One Operator's Quest to Identify and Rank Candidates, Minimize Well Interference, and Understand Variability of Results Unconventional Resources StimulationURTeC
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