Technical Paper: Getting Smarter and Hotter With ESPs for SAGD

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 134528
Presentation Date: 2010
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This paper summarizes the results from a high-temperature test program completed in late 2009 and discusses a new electric submersible pumping (ESP) configuration that was validated by ConocoPhillips for operations at 250 degC and planned for 2010 field trials. This new prototype ESP system was jointly tested by ConocoPhillips and Schlumberger for 42 days in the C-FER Technologies high-temperature flow loop at fluid temperatures ranging from 150 degC to 260 degC, and at 250 degC and above for approximately 40% of the total time.

While the primary objective of this test program was to validate this ESP system for use in 250-degC fluid temperatures, the additional instrumentation at the test facility also offered an opportunity to investigate the temperature dynamics of the fluid flowing past the motor, and the pressure and temperature behavior of the motor. The test data was also compared to data from a similar test completed in 2008 and the evaluation provided some interesting observations, which will be discussed.

The information in this paper will be of value to any operator that has ESPs installed in high-temperature applications. In addition, the lessons learned from this test program may also be used to increase ESP reliability in conventional applications.

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