Technical Paper: Subsea High Boost Multiphase Pump System Development and Applications

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 24428
Presentation Date: 2013
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The paper discusses the development of the subsea high-boost multiphase pump system, which led to the first installation of this technology in the Barracuda field, Campos basin, offshore Brazil. The helicoaxial high-boost multiphase pump qualification program was started in 2007 (ref. 6) and incorporated extensive testing and qualification activities, with the latest endurance test being performed in 2011. The Barracuda subsea multiphase boosting system is installed at a water depth of 1,040 m, with a tieback distance of 10.5 km to the P-48 platform, and was started up in July 2012. The Barracuda multiphase pump is capable of providing high differential pressure in a wide range of gas volume fractions. The high-boost multiphase pump is currently being considered for several other applications worldwide as we move toward deeper waters and longer tiebacks. Some more work is being done so this technology can reach the next step, being qualified for a broader range of applications in order to meet the industry needs. The paper will also discuss current and future applications of this technology, and present the latest status of the Barracuda project.

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