Technical Paper: Multi Functional Pipeline Systems

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 28361
Presentation Date: 2018
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Long-distance tiebacks are becoming more prevalent for subsea projects and present many unique challenges for successful operation. Flow assurance challenges arising from different operational regimes as well a high capital cost for enabling reliable production pose a unique challenge for long-distance tiebacks. A potential mitigation is the use of a pipe-in-pipe system for insulating purposes.

The multifunctional pipeline system (MFPS) aims to provide further functionality and flexibility to the pipeline system by utilizing the annulus of the pipe-in-pipe system as an additional transportation line thus, providing the flexibility and added functionality to the pipe-in-pipe system to increase operational flexibility, reduce capex and opex, and improve system availability to drive capital efficiency. The MFPS station can also be used to detect a plug location, monitor pressure on both sides of a plug, circulate hot fluid in the annulus and bypass the affected section. This technology was developed in joint collaboration with Chevron and Schlumberger.

This paper will highlight the overall functionality of the MFPS, the concepts that were investigated during the development of the MFPS, and the benefits that each unique concept provides to the overall field architecture.

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OSS Paper Takes OTC Best of Show Award

OSS Paper Takes OTC Best of Show Award
Presented at OTC Asia 2018, OTC-28361-MS entitled “Multifunctional Pipeline Systems” received the ASME Arthur Lubinski Best Paper Award. The presentation highlights a new solution to problematic tieback pipelines.