Technical Paper: Coil Tubing Furan Resin Sand Consolidation Treatment on Multi Layered Formation in Peninsular Malaysia

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 165911
Presentation Date: 2013
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Excessive sand production is the most common problem in both upstream & downstream processes in oil & gas production facilities. In Peninsular Malaysia, several methods were introduced to resolve this problem ranging from choke management, wellbore sand cleanout and even utilizing screen technology to keep the sand in the formation. However, all those methods are still not considered to be an effective solution to get a long lasting permanent result. By utilizing the furan resin as a sand consolidation treatment chemical, emphasis is given to solve the sand issues from the matrix formation side instead of focusing on the wellbore side as typically done. This results in a treatment that was previously almost impossible to execute but now ingeniously made possible. For every chemical treatment, the challenge lies in how to ensure it will effectively treat the targeted zone especially in multilayered formations which is a characteristic of most of Peninsular Malaysia's fields.

This paper discusses the success story of this sand consolidation treatment utilizing Coil Tubing as a fluid conveyance tool combined with an inflatable packer to selectively treat the targeted zone. The furan resin properties will also be discussed as one of the key success factors in this sand control method for one of Malaysia's most challenging fields.

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