Technical Paper: Advanced 3D Geomechanics For Well Design In North Africa

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 161674
Presentation Date: 2012
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Hassi Messaoud in Algeria has been a major oil-producing field for more than 50 years, with many hundreds of wells successfully drilled. The complex geological structure and varying amounts of depletion mean that 3D geomechanical modeling techniques bring great benefit, particularly in predicting well-bore stability, sanding potential, and hydraulic fracturing. This paper describes such a model for one sector of the reservoir, creating 3D maps of mechanical properties and a 3D stress state that can be updated over time as pore pressures change. Several new methods of applying the results to well design are presented, including the creation of “mud weight cubes” and “sanding potential cubes” to assist with trajectory optimization and mud weight selection, and to provide limits on safe drawdown.

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