Technical Paper: Marcellus Shale Gas Asset Optimization Driven by Technology Integration

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 164345
Presentation Date: 2013
 Download: Marcellus Shale Gas Asset Optimization Driven by Technology Integration (1.92 MB PDF) Login | Register



Integrating logging-while-drilling (LWD) measurements with pilot well log data and 3D seismic data provides a more accurate predictive mapping of unconventional reservoir properties than evaluations from the individual measurements alone. In this project, the final probability of drilling in a zone of good reservoir quality, as defined by the seismic attributes, had the highest correlation with production of any spatially mappable variable and provided the operator with a ranking of potential drilling locations. This link between production drivers and causal mechanisms allows optimal decision making, partly by distinguishing reservoir quality variation, which cannot be controlled, from operational behavior, which can be modified; untangling these two can mean optimal use of capital resources to exploit these challenging reservoirs.

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