Technical Paper: Evaluation of Scale Mitigation Options for a Mature Gas Field

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 164819
Presentation Date: 2013
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The deposition and accumulation of inorganic scales is a major concern for oil and gas producing companies worldwide. This concern typically stems from two main factors: the strong possibility of total production loss due to scale plugging of production conduits, and the significant impact that managing scaling challenges could have on field economics. These issues become even more pronounced for marginal and mature field developments.

Following the retrieval of scale deposits (predominantly calcite and halite) in a number of wells in a mature gas field in eastern Europe, implementing an effective scale-management strategy became top priority. This paper discusses the principal components of scale-management strategy formulation, including the procedures adopted to explicitly identify, assess, and rank at-risk producer wells in the field. A systematic approach was used to combine the main aspects of scale management, ranging from thermodynamic predictions of scale deposition to a scaling risk assessment. Additionally, the approach was adapted to address the significant degree of uncertainty emanating from the water chemistry and pressure/temperature history, eventually enabling the identification and proposal of adequate mitigation plans with attendant potential for optimization of field production.

Workflows developed on this field are described, including field results as examples. Our work helped to create a risk matrix and well ranking based on saturation ratio. It helped to characterize the location of the precipitating scale. Finally, we highlight the different remediation techniques that have been proposed and their success rate based on the recommendations following their field implementation three years later.

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