Technical Paper: A New Workflow For Petrophysical And Textural Evaluation of Carbonate Reservoirs

Society: SPWLA
Paper Number: 2010-v51n1a1
Presentation Date: 2010


Several researchers have noted the association between rock texture and petrophysical properties in carbonates. Accurate petrophysical evaluation requires the integration of texture-sensitive logs such as nuclear magnetic resonance, borehole images, full waveform acoustics, and dielectric. Lithology and porosity evaluation in the presence of anhydrite or other minerals may require the use of neutron capture spectroscopy logs. A comprehensive, accurate petrophysical evaluation of carbonates requires a well-engineered workflow to enable rapid integration of the data from this large suite of logs. We describe an interpretation methodology and workflow that facilitates the integration of log measurements essential to accurate carbonate evaluation. The workflow is the result of decades of research into carbonate petrophysics. The paper shows that the method provides a robust and comprehensive petrophysical description of lithology, porosity, tar volume, pore geometry, permeability, petrophysical rock types, fluid saturations, relative permeabilities, and primary drainage capillary pressure curves. Examples are presented from major Middle East carbonate reservoirs. We also present a software implementation that leverages the methodology through an intuitive and user-friendly workflow. The method has been applied on several wells in the Middle East in near real time thereby permitting decisions on subsequent data acquisition and on the completion of the well.

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