Technical Paper: Remote Drilling Optimization Center Adopted to Reduce Drilling Risk Mitigation and Improve Drilling Efficiency

Society: AADE
Paper Number: 09-ntce-07-02
Presentation Date: 2009


Drilling operations are often challenged with high safety, operational, and subsequent financial risks. These challenges necessitate that all drilling processes are planned and executed efficiently to minimize the costs and risks.

Real-time support centers are continuing to evolve and take on a more responsible role in the drilling process for the operator. Internally for the service contractor, they provide the ability for the right expertise to be involved in multiple jobs in remote locations.

One drilling service contractor successfully adopted a 24/7 remote operations support center to monitor multiple operations and multiple operators totaling an excess of 20 drilling rigs. It was initiated in an effort to minimize the drilling risks and to improve the service quality and reliability of drilling equipment. Specific processes and procedures were successfully adopted to include key remote drilling services to manage real-time pore pressure, wellbore instability, torque and drag (T&D), and shock and vibration (S&V) for US Gulf of Mexico drilling operations.