Technical Paper: Development and Testing of High Dogleg Rotary Steerable System

Society: AADE
Paper Number: 09-ntce-14-06
Presentation Date: 2009


More and more wells drilled today are moving towards horizontal and deviated profiles. Over 30% of the rigs in US drill horizontal wells. Over the last decade rotary steerable systems have proven to be cost effective, efficient and reliable technology to drill horizontal wells. But unfortunately more than 50% of the horizontal wells drilled today are in the range of 10 -15deg /100ft curvature rates, which is well beyond the capability of any rotary steerable systems in the market. Hence operators have to depend on the traditional positive displacement motors to drill these wells.

This paper outlines the operating principle of next generation drilling technology. This unique and novel steering technology is capable of delivering reliable and consistent dog legs of up to 15deg /100ft in soft or hard formation with all the benefits of a fully rotating rotary steerable system. This paper also discusses the case studies of the wells drilled using this technology during field trials.

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