Technical Paper: Successful Application of New LWD Platform Provides Integrated Real-Time Formation Evaluation in the Mediterranean Reservoirs

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 122585
Presentation Date: 2009
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As the global power scenario changes with increased demand for oil and gas, remote and challenging (deepwater offshore, high pressure-high temperature, high-angle wells) locations are drilled in an ever-demanding exploration effort with minimum or no experience in the area. To meet the demand and associated financial implications, operators are drilling high-angle wells that require special care from well stability, completion, and formation evaluation, to name a few. Complex reservoirs require complex trajectory and therefore proper well placement. To place a well accurately, the evaluation of acquired data requires real-time interpretation. In Egypt, Petrobel is following the trend and has been drilling deviated wells to enhance production in the Mediterranean by using a new logging while drilling (LWD) platform for formation evaluation. The data delivered by this service includes not only traditional measurements such as resistivity, density, neutron porosity, gamma ray, and caliper, but also induced spectroscopy and sigma. The sigma measurement is used for saturation evaluation independent of resistivity. The availability of two independent saturation estimations provides additional confidence. Spectroscopy provides formation mineralogy and accurate clay fraction, which enhances shaly sand interpretation. Formation evaluation in real time provides accurate estimates of hydrocarbon in place and allows for comprehensive decision making. The field is approximately 70 km from the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. The main reservoir is predominantly sandstone with gas and condensate.

Highlighted in this study:

  • Real time interpretation based on capture spectroscopy and sigma combined with the traditional measurements.
  • Lithologic and mineralogic evaluation using capture gamma-ray spectroscopy measurements on LWD in real time.
  • Independent gas saturation estimates from both resistivity and sigma measurements on LWD in real time.
  • Real time formation evaluation requires minimum inputs from user, making it a powerful tool for operators in the decision making process.

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