Technical Paper: Using Geomagnetic Referencing Technology for Precise Wellbore Placement

Society: AADE
Paper Number: 13-ntce-11
Presentation Date: 2011


Extensive faulting in the Jeanne d'Arc basin makes precise wellbore positioning a major challenge in eastern Canada. Accurate real-time surveys are required to identify multiple small geological targets and avoid costly collisions between adjacent wellbores.

Although gyroscopic surveys have long been considered the industry gold standard, recent advancements in magnetic surveying have made it an increasingly viable and more costeffective alternative. New approaches to correcting the errors inherent in magnetic surveying techniques include the ability to create more accurate crustal modeling and to integrate realtime measurements from nearby magnetic observatories.

The new geomagnetic referencing techniques can produce significant savings in project costs, with no sacrifice in the ability to identify, reach and produce the most challenging targets.

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