Technical Paper: Collaborating on Real-Time Geomechanics Across Organizational Boundaries

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 151204
Presentation Date: 2012
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Real-time geomechanics techniques contribute to managing the risks and challenges faced during the realization of a well, providing, in particular, decision-making support to drillers for managing the safe mud-weight window and wellbore instability and for bridging knowledge of the rocks’ mechanical properties to drilling practices. Wellbore instability is often not caused by geomechanical conditions alone and is, in many cases, caused by the combination of geomechanics and the drilling process.

This paper describes the application of real-time geomechanics to a remote exploration project located in a challenging field and how operations benefited from this technique. A previously drilled well in the field presented serious wellbore instability issues during tripping. The instability was suspected to have caused problems during the wireline logging phases, which made it impossible to complete the formation evaluation program. The stakeholders were based in four different locations: the rig site, the operator’s office, the operator’s real-time center and the service company’s real-time center. Interaction among stakeholders was coordinated through the operator and service company real-time centers. The use of available infrastructure and remote collaboration software created a collaborative environment that successfully supported the operator’s decision-making process, with the following specific achievements: well total depth selection based on maximum allowable equivalent circulation density before incurring in losses; avoidance of wellbore instability events during drilling, tripping or logging phases; and first operator to achieve successful wireline fluid sampling in the deeper formation of this field.

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