Technical Paper: Design, Development and Field Testing of a High Dogleg Slim-Hole Rotary Steerable System

Society: IADC
Paper Number: 163472
Presentation Date: 2013
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High dogleg rotary steerable systems (RSS) were introduced for general industry use in 2011. These systems were developed for high dogleg shale applications in North American land operations. The initial systems were 6 3/4-in. These tools were designed to produce up to 15°/100 ft in 8 1/2-in. to 8 3/4-in. hole size. High dogleg tools for different borehole sizes followed. The requirement for high dogleg RSS is now global, and the systems are being used to drill in areas where steerable motors previously dominated because of their higher dogleg capability. A new 4 3/4-in. RSS has been designed for high dogleg (15°deg/100 ft) and dogleg assurance applications. Additionally, a new high dogleg RSS for 5 7/8-in. to 6 3/4-in. hole sizes has been developed and field tested. The new slim-hole high dogleg RSS has proven to perform well and be a cost-effective solution in specific applications, such as difficult formations and multilateral well construction.

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