Technical Paper: Asphaltene Gravitational Gradient in a Deepwater Reservoir as Determined by Downhole Fluid Analysis

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 106375
Presentation Date: 2007
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The fluids in large reservoirs can be in equilibrium - especially if conditions conducive to convective mixing prevail. A large vertical column of reservoir hydrocarbons offers a unique laboratory to investigate potential gravitational grading. Asphaltenes are known to exist in crude oils as a colloidal suspension, but which had not been well characterized in the laboratory until recently. In this paper, we review a gravitational gradient of asphaltenes in a reservoir and a simple theory is shown to apply. The corresponding downhole and laboratory analyses are consistent; asphaltenes exist in these crude oils in nanoaggregates. The corresponding asphaltene gradients provide a stringent and new method to test reservoir connectivity (as opposed to compartmentalization), which is key to the efficient economic development for many deepwater projects.

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