Technical Paper: A New Capture and Inelastic Spectroscopy Tool Takes Geochemical Logging to The Next Level

Society: SPWLA
Paper Number:
Presentation Date: 2012


The increasing complexity of today’s reservoirs demands an accurate understanding of formation composition and mineralogy. This is particularly true for unconventional reservoirs, in which quantification of both mineralogy and organic carbon is critical for resource evaluation. The new geochemical spectroscopy tool described here combines the advantages of inelastic and capture gamma ray spectroscopy, opening new avenues for detailed description of complex reservoirs. Capitalizing on advances in technology, the new service provides higher precision and improved accuracy for the analysis of key elements in rock formations and simultaneously offers a standalone quantitative determination of total organic carbon (TOC). The measurements are offered at faster logging speeds. Eliminating the americium-beryllium (241AmBe) radioisotopic source makes combination with traditional measurements a much more attractive and viable logging option for both conventional and unconventional markets.

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