Technical Paper: An Innovative New System for Obtaining Open Hole Logs in Difficult Wells

Society: AADE
Paper Number: NTCE-67
Presentation Date: 2011


Open hole logging of wells with adverse hole conditions and high deviations is now becoming more commonplace due to newly developed conveyance and acquisition systems. In many cases it can be impractical to obtain logs due to the cost and downside risk of doing so. On the flip side though, having this information can often significantly impact future drilling and completion decisions and possibly the ultimate success of a field.

There is now a system available that features an innovative hollow bit design. This design allows for multiple methods of deployment of a specially designed slim logging string through the drill pipe and bit into open hole. Basic log information can be obtained in real time on wireline below the bit, in memory while tripping out with pipe, or a combination between the two depending on conditions. The specific method chosen depends on the well design and hole conditions. Added flexibility to ream, circulate, and even drill just prior to logging is also possible. The rig time to run logs, along with the associated cost and risk, can be minimized using this system when compared to other methods that are currently available. An overview of this system’s conveyance methods and equipment components will be presented along with some examples that illustrate its use in a variety of situations and wellbores, including horizontal wells.

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