Technical Paper: Reservoir Characterization by Crosswell Seismic in Dom João Field, Brazil

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: Tu G102 16
Presentation Date: 2014


Each borehole seismic technique has its advantages in imaging the subsurface, but the high resolution obtained using crosswell seismic imaging allows for a detailed survey of the reservoir. These results are enhanced when acquiring multiple profiles permitting a view of the entire field in two and three dimensions.

Petrobras supported a research project, with the technical participation of UFBA to evaluate for the first time in Brazil, the different aspects of crosswell seismic through surveys carried by Schlumberger in Dom João (5 profiles) and Miranga (1 profile) fields, respectively, in October and November 2011. The target of this project was to investigate the response of Sergi and Catu formations to crosswell method, and secondarily provide, on Miranga field, a baseline velocity image to monitor a future CO2 sequestration project. This study focuses on the processing steps that allowed for the production of crosswell seismic images for the five profiles acquired in the Dom Joao field and its preliminary interpretation.

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