Technical Paper: Engineering the Next-Generation Downhole Fluid Analysis Tool

Society: SPWLA
Paper Number:
Presentation Date: 2007


Downhole fluid analysis (DFA) using a wireline formation tester provides vital information about reservoir fluids. DFA applications are found in identification of fluid variation and in understanding reservoir compartmentalization. While the current generation of DFA tools mainly rely on spectroscopic measurements with limited numbers of wavelength channels, the next-generation DFA tool will provide not only superior spectroscopic measurements (i.e. more accurate measurements with greater spectroscopic coverage), but also will provide more extensive fluid property measurements with innovative sensors. Taken together, this next-generation DFA tool will provide a more accurate and comprehensive description of the reservoir fluid, enabling important decisions to be made with greater confidence.

This paper consists of three parts: the measurement principle, laboratory test results, and field test results. The first part describes the measurement principle and implementation. The new tool adds a grating type spectrometer, giving fine spectral coverage in the hydrocarbon overtone area critical for near-infrared (NIR) fluid analysis as well as the discrete spectral channels used in current generation tools.

The tool has been tested with a large number of live fluid samples of known gas/oil ratio (GOR) and composition under pressurized and heated conditions similar to those of a reservoir.

In the last part, one of the field trial results in West Africa is shown and discussed.

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